Duties & Functions

  • Formulation of policies, programmes and projects in relation to the subjects of Public Security and Law & Order and subjects that come under the purview of Police Department, with a view to building a disciplined Country and such other National Policies that may be adopted by the Government.
  • Direction of the implementation of such policies, programmes and projects within time lines agreed with the national planning authorities and within budgeted resources, with a view to achieving relevant objectives.
  • Provision of all Public Services that come under the purview of the Ministry in an efficient and people friendly manner.
  • Reforming of all systems and procedures to ensure the conduct of business in an efficient manner, deploying modern management techniques and technology where applicable while eliminating corruption and waste.
  • Maintenance of Law and Order.
  • Traffic Control.
  • All other subjects that come under the purview of the Department of Police.
  • Supervision of the Department of Police.

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