Products and Services

Our Services

  • Security & Escorts for VIPP & Diplomats
  • Filming and Photography in High Security Zones & Police Stations
  • Entertaining Public Complaints against Police
  • Possession & Transportation of Model Police Uniforms for filming purposes
  • Providing Security for Public Events
  • Training for Police & STF Personnel
  • Promotions & Transfers of Police Officers
  • Welfare Services for Police Officers
  • Recruitment of Gazetted Police Officers

Sri Lanka Police

Towards a Peaceful environment to live with confidence, without fear of Crime and Violence.

Sri Lanka Police is committed and confident to uphold and enforce the law of the land, to preserve the public order, prevent crime and Terrorism with prejudice to none – equity to all.

Special Task Force

At the beginning of early 1980s, with the emergence of terrorist threat in the North and East, the Police in the course of their duties had to face armed attacks carried out by the terrorists. The terrorist attacks resulted in the killing of police personnel, attacks on Police Stations and assassinations of VIPs. Hence the necessity arose for the formation of a special Military Arm within the Police Service to counter the above threat.

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